Sunday, March 12, 2017

Up on Etsy - Photorealistic Painting of a Parade of Monopoly Board Game Pieces

6x12 inch acrylic realism painting of monopoly board game pieces in a parade
"A Little Parade," acrylic on panel, 6 inches x 12 inches in a 1-1/2-inch deep custom handmade frame by Etsy Seller Organics&Mechanics (O&MWood), ebony stain.

I used the pieces from our vintage Monopoly game to assemble my still life setup for this piece. They've modernized Monopoly and a lot of other board games, but give me the classics from my childhood any day!

The painting has a finish somewhere between satin and matte, so it has a nice, soft look. There is virtually no visible paint texture in the piece due to many layers of paint and finish, and a bit of wet sanding in between.

I painted this piece on a cradled panel, so I felt like it really needed a frame to give it a clean and finished look. I really appreciated the hand-crafted custom look of this frame from O&M, and I think it complements the piece. It is a floater frame, so the painted has been permanently affixed to the frame, with a small gap between the painting and the frame on all sides. At 1-1/2" deep, the frame gives the painting a wonderful substantial feel on the wall.

Thanks for looking!