Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trio of Candy Bar Acrylic Paintings in Shadowbox Frames

I recently finished a trio of 8" x 8" chocolate candy bar paintings on 1/8" thick panel for a client. She then asked the dreaded question, "Any framing suggestions?" I'll be honest, I have little to no idea about how to frame my pieces, which is something I definitely need to remedy. My usual response is  that any frame will do - just pop the glass out so the paint doesn't touch it. But I've also had a few other clients recently tell me that they have framed my pieces in shadowbox-style frames, where the painting sits back a bit from the glass. They said it makes them look more three-dimensional, so I shared that recommendation with this client. She liked it, and was kind enough to send me photos of the pieces, framed in shadowboxes and hung together, to share with others wondering what to do. So while this isn't a definitive suggestion, it's definitely a pretty lovely option. Thanks for looking!